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The Blended and Virtual Learning Frontier Report

A Research Report from the center for digital education and Converge

In the last special report we looked at how educational institutions were addressing the digital revolution. We talked about how digital textbooks and other forms of digital content are changing the way learning is conducted. In this Special Report we take a close look at one aspect of this digital outgrowth — the movement to online and blended learning.


Creating Value In The Blended Learning Era

Blended learning techniques are being applied in classrooms up and down the country from primary to tertiary education in a bid to enhance the power and experience of the teaching and learning process. 

While we hear a lot about the benefits of using cutting-edge course designs and technologies for the learners involved, there is often a side of the story that is pushed to the periphery: the experience of the teachers themselves. In the following interview, we speak with an academic that has created a course framework for teaching the teachers how to teach with maximum effect in a blended learning environment.  

An inside look into Monash Universitys blended learning transformation

In this article, we take a look at how Monash University has established a long-term strategy through its Better Teaching, Better Learning Agenda, to help educators embrace a wider perspective on curriculum design, and align it with students’ needs to deliver the best possible learning environment.


Blended Learning Survey Results

Last month, we conducted a 2 question survey with some of the UK and Europe's leading Universities on what their biggest blended learning challenge is and what solutions they use to enhance blended learning. 


Five Principles For An Optimal Next Generation Learning Space

The “Next Generation Learning Space” (NGLS) is the setting in which this type of teaching and learning can take place, the crucible in which generations to come will be molded. 

But what are the key criteria to make these state-of-the-art education environments an optimal experience for sustainable teaching and learning? We have taken a look at five principles that should underpin the Next Generation Learning experience.


Blended Learning in Higher Education: A Sneak Peek into the Second Life Virtual Platform


The evolution of online virtual worlds has brought about a revolution in gaming and given birth to cyber-social interaction. One area which is benefiting from the promulgation of these fora is the education space, where secondary and tertiary education establishments are using virtual worlds to enhance the learning experience.

In this video, we do a walkthrough of how the University of West England are using “Second Life” to train forensics and accountancy students. In the course of the video, we discuss:

  • Why education establishments are diversifying their offerings in cyberspace
  • What the values of these environments are
  • Student responses and feedback
  • What works and what doesn’t from the both the teaching and learning standpoints